Parvo In Dogs
Parvo In Dogs

If observed on the infected area will look reddish skin color, scaly, sometimes festering with bad odor. In severe infections it will look bloody. In these situations the treatment should be integrated, by treating parasites, fungi and bacteria simultaneously in order to recover completely. If not, then it will recur with more severe symptoms again. Symptom that is characteristic of this disease are:

  •  Inflammation and swelling of the hair follicles and oil glands under the skin.
  • Thickening of the skin is chronically running, hair loss, skin redness and itching, often seen scratching and rubbing their bodies into the cage wall. Bad body odor.
  • Visible restlessness, lethargy, stress and sometimes fever. Decreased appetite once.
  • Impaired growth, weight and look skinny dipped.
  • Cannot sleep well because of itching.
  • If this skin disease has invaded the whole body, then the body condition becomes worse, weak, stagger and usually ends with death.