How to Take Care of Puppies

Best Dog Training Books
Best Dog Training Books
Once separated from its mother, the puppy will have a very difficult transition period for 1-2 months. At this time puppies should be treated carefully.
Actually gastric puppy was not yet ready to digest solid food, especially in the form of pellets. When the puppies were fed directly shaped pellets of chance whether it will happen or not impaction.

Is he able to pass through the moments where he will experience pain for 1-2 days. One important thing, to be available to drink enough water. In the transition from mother 's milk to drink, should first be trained with food in the form of porridge. This slurry can be made to add water to the pellet so that it becomes pulp pellets. 

This will help the puppy to digest food. Giving porridge done enough for one to two weeks until the stomach can adjust to the hard feed. Many dog ​​owners who do not pay attention to this. Not infrequently pups failed to pass this difficult time , who became ill and eventually die by it.

After successfully passing through difficult times, feeding the puppy should be programmed and organized in order to grow in line with expectations. The program for the puppy's health, among others:
  • After the split, immediately give worming Piperazine citrate to remove all of the default parent stomach worms.
  • Feeding should be done five times a day, but the amount is not excessive so that the dog does not become very full to avoid the burden and disruption due to the growth of long bones in his legs.
  • Minerals calcium and phosphate for bone and tooth formation can be given in tablet form bone meal.
  • Should provide high protein growth runs perfectly in order, for example, the taste of fresh ground beef or boiled eggs.
  • Immediately do vaccinations.
  • Do the exercise every day to jog around the yard cage so her muscles became strong and agile.
  • Give vitamin supplements to accelerate growth, especially vitamins A, D, E, and vitamin B12

When everything is fulfilled then your puppy will live healthily and become more perfect growth to adulthood.