The Collie

Best Dog Training Books
Best Dog Training Books
Collie is very familiar with the children. These dogs love to play, easy to train. Its appearance is very beautiful,
well-built, agile, intelligent and perfect. Flat head, long snout with a black nose. His ears are rather small, sometimes folded third.

Somewhat elongated body. The tail is slightly curved. Adult dogs have a 56-68 cm tall, weighing 22-35kg. Usually sabale body color and white, tricolor, blue merle, sand color to mahogany. Can reach 14-16 years of age.

He is a dog that is responsive, strong, active, impressive, alert. Of smell and sharp hearing, very gentle, loving toward children, friendly and obedient, happy and cheerful, so it is a good watch dog. Easily trained, sensitive, sometimes slow, loyal, always ready to keep his employer, especially children, and are less aggressive.