Feeding Older Dogs To Stay Healthy

Dogs that are older than five years in general have a condition that begins to decline. At that age usually have started to decline in the movement of the stomach which then causes the absorption of food decreased from 40 % to 60 %. 

Best Dog Training Books
Best Dog Training Books
Therefore , when given only food that's it, there is no improvement at all, then the longer the condition will continue to decline and look older, like already going to die alone. Actually, the condition can still be saved if givennutritious foods even in very small amounts.

Nutritious food that will fix all the metabolic disturbances that condition will be stable, looks more nimble, agile and healthy again. 

Dogs were given fresh meat every day will make the dog is five years old and younger to be more productive. No need to overeat, because it will burden her. With the injection of vitamins A, D, E once a week then the body will appear to be normal, stronger, and younger.