canine hepatitis
canine hepatitis
Infectious Canine Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver disease is very contagious. The death rate from this disease is very high. Canine Hepatitis attack dogs of all ages and all types without exception. 3-9 month old puppy is very sensitive and susceptible to the disease.

Canine Hepatitis begins with symptoms of fever, vomiting, and diarrhea for 5-6 days followed by abdominal skin yellow, dark yellow urine, the white part of the eye so dark yellow. Dogs can suddenly die. The reason is that viruses including adenovirus group. Malignant type could result in sudden death without any clinical symptoms preceded. The incubation period is between 5-8 days.

Mode of transmission

Canine Hepatitis can be transmitted through the feces or vomit, urine, and saliva of a sick dog. Transmission can occur directly or indirectly through contaminated objects containing liquids Canine Hepatitis virus, especially where drinking and eating places former dogs this disease.
Factors that accelerate disease transmission Adenoviruses are:

  • Malnutrition.
  • Food that is moldy.
  • Cage is not clean.
  • Had never been vaccinated.
  • Exposed to intestinal worms.
  • Cage is always wet and cold.
  • Deficiencies of vitamins and minerals.
  • Fatigue, anemia, low hemoglobin.