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Dog Commands
Dog Commands
Most people get a dogs because they feel interested after seeing the puppy ​​looks cute or handsome. But not all keepers have the knowledge how to care for the pet properly, does not even have time to take care of him.

For the breeders, love is fading due to turn into a commercial. So this will have an impact on the health of the breed. This article will discuss ways of prevention, treatment, care, to how to diagnose the disease early. Equipped also discussion of how to care for, nurture, and form a perfect parent and stud. Completeness of the contents of this article may be made ​​for the fans handle purebred doggy as a guide for maintaining one of the most loyal pets and delight in the world.

Maintaining Dogs

Many who keep dogs because they feel interested after seeing the puppy looks cute or handsome. After getting a dog turns out they actually discovered the joy of its own, having a dogs that is extremely proud and pleasant. At first people to buy a particular pets that he considers convenient for him. The pets was then kept as a friend as well as pets are always with him every day.

The puppy did not make it alone. Home atmosphere became crowded and always cheerful with laughter. Different atmosphere that invites the attention of many people around. He felt proud to be able to maintain the dogs with affection entirely. Obsessed is a fun pet dogs, he then thought to increase again to be a pair. Sure would be funny, lively and encouraging.

That's what he thinks. So then, in the purchase of a dogs to add to his pet again. He was so hoping to increase pleasure or happiness at home. One or two months later all will change. Affection is divided into two so that the atmosphere changed drastically. Attention and affection became less in total, is no longer the focus, blurred, sometimes even favoritism.

Today more loved that one and another on another day. The dogs becomes confused. The relationship then becomes more complicated after the birth of pups from both the pets. After he turned into a breeder, love is fading. He will turn out to be commercial.

Dog Commands
Dog Commands
After sensing fortunately, he may also buy other types of dogs for breeding. He saw many people who want to, even daring book before the puppy is born. If so, then he has turned into a breeder who truly commercial.

The more the doggy will be growing collection. Here the atmosphere is cozy and lovingly transformed into an activity to enjoy sheer luck financially. So, if you want a dogs, you should first determine the intent and purpose of your pets. If you want a pet as a playmate and friend to confide in, a friend when you are lonely , you should only maintain one dogs so that all the love you can you shed on the pets.  However, you also should not just buy a puppy without seeing historical. Choose the type of dogs breeds that you enjoy, choose a good character in order to be a friend, not a burden that makes you hassle every day because his behavior is not known.

  • Choose a puppy that his IQ is high. How to test it, if there are some puppies, test the sound. Which puppy responsive then that is what you should choose. For example, a plate with a spoon beat slowly several times. The fastest dogs comes then that is what you should choose.
  • History parent should have good properties. Do not have a nature that is ugly like:
  1. Defecate and urinate in any place. For example, if released straight to the couch and then piss and shit in there. This is very disgusting!
  2. Do not have a hobby biting or scratching the couch until shredded.
  3. Do not chew shoes hobby. Many dogs who like to chew on women's shoes.
  4. Do not susceptible of hereditary skin diseases and itching.
  5. Do not defective body, such as near-sighted, deaf, mute.
Choose from a loving owner. That is, the parent is always according to the owner, not wild at all. For those who have goals for breeders, different ways to choose a dog that was maintained. After selecting the desired race, select sires that will meet some of the following conditions:
  1. Must be a lot of breeders who have children.
  2. Must be of show quality males or that looks dashing and proud and it is known that derivatives are all qualified.
  3. Should that come from families that are free from skin diseases.
  4. Female dogs should have a larger hip and his head is rather small. Small female dog whose head is definitely good at taking care of their children.
  5. The dogs is very familiar.
  6. Do not come from families who love pooping and peeing in any place, because of these properties is decreased in children whose birth.

We recommend that every nurse should not be burdened too much dogs for her care. Strength of a nurse is 10 dogs only. Most optimal one nurse on duty caring for five dogs. If more than ten, the treatment will not be optimal. Many puppies were sick, one after another, causing maintenance costs to be high.

Healthy Dogs

Recognizing that a healthy puppy is very important for those who want a pets. A healthy dogs will be able to grow without hindrance. The puppy will not experience delays in growth and sexual maturity.

To find healthy puppies, we have to look at and examine some of the puppy 's body parts, for example:

  • The puppy should be aesthetically agile, happy, cheerful, likes to run around, jumping up and play. 
  • Have a good appetite and diarrhea. 
  • Dog stomach is not distended, in the sense that the same before and after eating her distended. 
  • Waterless dogs eyes, the inside of the eyelids are not pale. Even so his gums are not pale. 
  • Part mirror does not dry the dog's nose, the nostrils dogs no clear or yellow liquid droplets. 
  • Dog's mouth does not smell, does not salivate excessively or hanging. 
  • No dogs ears smell, no yellow-brown liquid droplets. No contact with ticks, and others. 
  • Skin itching or diseased skin. 
  • Feet do not limp or dragged while walking. 
  • In the stomach there are folds of skin sores or blisters fester. 
  • Not happy lying in the cold or in the bathroom.

When these two meet the puppy can certainly healthy.