Arowana Identify Potential Champions

Arowana Fish
Arowana Fish
If you want to keep the fish arowana, why not choose the fish that could someday win the contest. It is said that there are winner’s arowana at Aquarama, Singapore sell fish to $ 86,000.

If you include people who are less confident that the arowana fish price wins the contest can be sold to tens of thousands of dollars, maybe you should not ever try it.

Try to buy arowana contest winner, let alone who already has a size of over 80cm and super red category. If you are interested in keeping fish is also called fish arowana or dragon, there are a few things to consider. Recommendations of ornamental fish traders could be one consideration, but you should not blindly accept the information submitted by the merchant.

Starting maintaining arowana fish of that size should be small, or under 15 cm. Consideration of the size of the fish or the 6 -month -old relative low cost. To get arowana potential champions is not easy. It takes the experience or foresight to choose an eye high quality arowana.

Coupled with the complexity of a wide range of varieties, both varieties are derived from the wild or species created by human engineering. Even the same varieties of fish, such as the Red Tail Golden arowana, will have different color thin. If the fish are not fitted by a certificate of identity issued by the government (as in Singapore) or farmers (such as in Malaysia and Indonesia), then the selection process will be much more difficult. In this respect, integrity and honesty in the ornamental fish retailers play an important role.

Ornamental fish store owners may not know the origin of the fish traded, and also become a victim of the agents, due to lack of experience and knowledge. The adage “beauty “depends on the eyes that looked valid to a certain extent when selecting something, whether it's fish or other objects.

Some people focus on the fish body shape, color scales, or maybe just a special feeling for fish, like love at first sight. Feeling like a fish on a very subjective issue. However, the outline of this article is the opinion and view of the objective good quality arowana. This referral only serves as an introduction and steering. While a very personal choice and therefore be highly subjective.