My Dog Urinating on Furniture

dog commands
dog commands

Cause: show territory. Usually carried out by young male dogs, but also sometimes performed by male dogs were neutered. Usually caused by competition for status, also in an environment in which a house dog and the dog is still a virgin does not have the clarity of status in the hierarchy of the human family. It also can trigger by the guests.Once a dog has marked its presence, it is likely he will return to the same place to clarify its mark. 

Handling: clean the dirty place with ammonia free cleaner to eliminate bad habits of your dog. Keep your dog to keep under surveillance for several weeks. Place the dog in a place where you can watch him or let him close to you by using the neck strap is extended.

If you can catch your dog doing it again, give nagging firmly saying no, and immediately took him out of the house, give praise when he threw water at the appropriate places. Spend more time to play, member training by awarding the prize, to teach him some exercise of activities as simple as 'sit' through routine activities such complex heelwork to music, will help shape its role in the house that he was under your position and will make him understand that your home is not a place to mark his territory.

If possible, avoid visiting other dog, it will encourage the marking of territory. In homes with more than one dog, dog castrate lower level may be able to solve the problem; However, although the sterilization decrease the desire to create a trail, it does not guarantee he would stop his behavior and you still have to train back. If you are considering to castrate him as a way of solving the problem, it's worth trying to carry out a chemical castration to see whether it would be beneficial.
Prevention: sterilization at a young age can usually prevent the appearance of this habit. If not, take the time to watch big enough so your dog to pee straddle.