Canine Distemper Disease

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Best Dog Training Books

Dogs who have been cured of any disease Distemper for oneweek can still transmit the virus to other dogs. Factors that influence disease transmission Distemper:

1.      Change of seasons, the cold, and the wind is too loud.
2.      Sleeping in the open during the rainy season.
3.      Enclosure less clean, damp, overcrowded cages contents.
4.      Inadequate nutrition, eating less with other dogs.
5.      Blood deficiency, low hemoglobin levels, and intestinal worms.
6.      Deficiencies of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A.
7.      After long trips between cities, inter- island, inter- state, and fatigue.

Clinical Symptoms

Best Dog Training Books
Best Dog Training Books

Clinical symptoms of disease Distemper consists of six stages, namely:
a. stage I
At this stage the dog is listless, fever, decreased appetite, like in a cool place, such as in the bathroom. On the morning of her thick yellow discharge, piled in the corner of the eye. The mucous membranes of her eyes red with soft dirt.

b. stage II
Both dogs eyes look glazed started not eating, looks fluid in his eyes. Membranes of the eyes look red, mirror dries nose, high fever, lethargy, shortness of breath, coughing, sometimes a little diarrhea. Sometimes looks a little healthier.

c. stage III
Visible symptoms are characterized by the lining of the eye becomes red once, the fluid in the eye and the nose is more viscous and turbid yellowish, cough, fever and sometimes diarrhea. Dogs become like eating, look weak, sneezing, lethargy, melancholy, always asleep, fur and skin starts to dull, breathing becomes more rapid, unpleasant body odor.

d. stage IV
Still do not want to eat , just like a drink of cold water only, degenerate weight , thin , weak , eyes still red membranes , coughing , breath faster , pneumonia , high fever , dry nose mirrors , discharge from nostrils thick yellow-green , odor , sometimes bloody diarrhea , visible on the inner thigh pus . These are specific signs that attacks dogs Distemper.

e. stage V
Lining of the eye is getting red, the nose is dry and a bit flaky skin. Lethargic and his eyes glazed , very weak , but the fever did not start thin , began to look nervous symptoms , shaking , spasms in the muscles of the body and a little on the ears , neck , head , and back . Be lazy dog stand, if the road is not stable, coughing, sometimes diarrhea. Infected puppies will be followed by diarrhea red to brown and smells fishy.

f. stage VI
Neurological disorders continue to be a brain inflammation, musculoskeletal disorders seen in the whole body. Her condition became more severe so that movements become infrequent and poorly controlled, and seizures, unstable walking, the hind legs dragged when walking, followed by cannot stand or become paralyzed. Before falling in circles first, then coma and ends with death.