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Dog Commands
Dog Commands
Most people get a dogs because they feel interested after seeing the puppy ​​looks cute or handsome. But not all keepers have the knowledge how to care for the pet properly, does not even have time to take care of him.

For the breeders, love is fading due to turn into a commercial. So this will have an impact on the health of the breed. This article will discuss ways of prevention, treatment, care, to how to diagnose the disease early. Equipped also discussion of how to care for, nurture, and form a perfect parent and stud. Completeness of the contents of this article may be made ​​for the fans handle purebred doggy as a guide for maintaining one of the most loyal pets and delight in the world.

Dogs infected with fungus

best dog training books
Best Dog Training Books

Factors that influence

  • Sanitation cage unfavorable.
  • Cage too humid with high temperatures.
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals that the skin susceptible to fungus and itching.
  • Heredity, where short-haired dogs are more susceptible to the fungus.
  • Dogs that are infected fleas and ticks are more susceptible to fungal attack.
  • Disorders of hair growth will be the trigger fungal attack.
  • Wounds or abrasions due to fighting, a tick bite wounds, will be the trigger for this fungal disease.
  • The period of hair dressing for too long will also cause fungal disease attack.