Symptoms of insecticide poisoning

Best Dog Training Books
Best Dog Training Books

What are the symptoms of insecticide poisoning in dogs:

  • Decreased appetite or not eating at all.
  • Fatigue, weakness, wrinkled, pale, sometimes head lowered.
  • The most obvious symptom is excessive saliva and hang. This is the positive symptoms of poisoning.

Preventing Disease Demodexcosis

What sort of things you can do to prevent demodexcosis disease in dogs:

  • Fast separate from other dogs. Former stables sick dog skin should not be used within 3 months and every day put in place that get full sun and sprayed disinfectant.
  • Do eradication of ticks and mites simultaneously.
  • Correct construction of the cage so that urine can fall on the floor directly under the cage.
  • Provide vitamins and minerals in a sustainable manner.
  • If injured, immediately treat that should not be the trigger of this skin disease.


Parvo In Dogs
Parvo In Dogs

If observed on the infected area will look reddish skin color, scaly, sometimes festering with bad odor. In severe infections it will look bloody. In these situations the treatment should be integrated, by treating parasites, fungi and bacteria simultaneously in order to recover completely. If not, then it will recur with more severe symptoms again. Symptom that is characteristic of this disease are:

Knowing the early symptoms of infection Demodexcosis

Best Dog Training Books
Best Dog Training Books
At the beginning of infection, Demodexcosis attacking the skin around the eye area. This is typical of attack by demodexcosis disease, which can be regarded as a sign of proper diagnosis. 

The attacks then spread to the skin of the face and followed by hair loss in the affected area so that the visible area is not hairy. At this stage the disease has not itchy at all.