Poodle information including pictures

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The poodle probably derived from the French and taken to Germany and Denmark. These dogs are kept for many circus and cabaret. Very funny and
clever dancing movements. Poodle is very active, agile, and handsome.

Can reach 11-16 years old. Famous head with rectilinear shapes. His nose is black. Straight skull with flat cheeks. His eyes were very dark, round oval or brown, with light beaming, ear folded down to the cheeks, curly hair covered.

   Poodle consists of three types, namely:

  • With a high standard Poodle 38-40cm weight 22-24 kg.

  • Toys with a poodle less than 25 cm high by 2.7 to 6 kg weight.

Snout length, straight, and quite good. His neck is powerful and slightly arched. The tail is usually cut. His fur is usually wavy or curly (kinky). Fur color varies, assortment, consisting of black, brown, gray, white, blue, silver and beige. Poodle is very intelligent, easily trained, agile, nimble, happy, agile and sensitive, and very friendly. Expression obedient and very cheerful, obedient, very familiar, happy to be loved. Clever barking when strangers or other dogs. Hearing and a keen sense of smell.