The Boxer

Best Dog Training Books
Best Dog Training Books
Boxer is very well known for valor and evil face. Boxer is the result of a successful cross from Germany. 

Head very large proportion to his body, lean and wrinkled. Lower jaw forward and bent forward. 

In the closed condition sometimes seen lower teeth. Sometimes the tongue sticking out. Big nose black colored. Nostrils wide open. Have long ears.

His eyes were black or dark brown. Strong rounded neck muscular, without dewlap. His body was square shaped. Wide chest, short tail and slightly upwards, usually cut. 

The front legs are straight and parallel, short back and his strong, muscular. Back straight with a nice appearance and is always alert. Height 53-65 cm adult dogs weighing 24-36 kg. Body colors include fawn, brindle, red, and like mahogany color with some white or not.